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Goa Ngalau Indah

Beautiful Grotto is the name of a cave that is located on the slopes of hills located in Payakumbuh. In it there is a rock stalagmite and stalactite formed from limestone deposits process that lasted hundreds of years. Both types of stone carving has an assortment of shapes, with amazing ornaments, such as: living room, chair, mosquito net and others.
So that the tourists can enjoy spectacular views more freely Grotto, the local government to build some support facilities, such as lighting, roads and stairs. Feature
From above hills around grotto, tourists can see the panoramic city that lay in front Payakumbuh eye. Good mix of urban buildings, green trees and vast expanse of paddy fields is a unity of Payakumbuh sheen.
While the scenery around the grotto is also not less interesting. Before entering into a grotto or rather at the entrance of the tourists were greeted with a carving of the stone that resembles an elephant. Entering the grotto, tourists will get a treat a variety of stone carvings are carved on the grotto. Rocks of various shapes and carved the stone was named after their shapes, such as: chairs, bed nets, and the bedroom. The visitors who feel tired or longer want to enjoy the beauty of the grotto can be paused and sat down to relax on the stones. In another part of Grotto, there are stone Tira white beam of light which, when exposed to light, can reflect light such a beautiful sheen. Location
Beautiful Grotto is located in the city Payakumbuh, West Sumatra Province, Indonesia. Access
Tourism objects Beautiful Grotto can be reached by using land transportation. From the city of Padang to Payakumbuh, a trip taken around three hours by using private vehicles or public transportation. If using public transportation, the fare between 20.000, 00 to IDR. 25000.00 per person (February 2008).

Muara Opu Beach

Opu Estuary is one - the only village in South Tapanuli located on the west coast facing the Indian Ocean. Population numbered 80 families livelihood as fishermen, while the total area of approximately 37 km2 according to history and its inhabitants have been there since 103 years ago. This area is very potential to be developed into a tourist destination but because of poor facilities make this area is still difficult to expand. pounding of the waves is quite nice and very tempting. We are free to look into the open sea with nothing to block it, is absolutely amazing.
The distance between Muara District Opu Batangtoru with only around 30's of kilometers, but the time required to reach 4 hours. Travel to penetrate into the village in question, rose must use a two-axle car. The trip was quite exhausting but exciting also because the left side and right side of the street was starting to look palm plantations owned by private companies or public property and agricultural land is bounded by forest.
Opu Muara beach has white sand and clean and looks beautiful, has yet to be utilized for economic development for the community. The villagers quite friendly and very familiar. Everyday language people use the dialect of the coastal wither.
Landscape exciting moment to come back from Muara Opu when enjoying the seconds before the sun back into the contest. Beautiful landscapes looked like Aurora where orangey seluit radiated in the distance. If you want to enjoy the scenery like that, please come to the Estuary Opu.

Bukit Lawang

We certainly still remember the flood disaster in Bohorok, precisely in Bukit Lawang, a village situated on the edge of Gunung Leuser National Park, North Sumatra. For the layman, the disaster was a terrible environmental disaster, which devastated the village and not a little casualties.
After five years of flood disasters, tourism in Bukit Lawang Bahorok back stretch. Tourist arrivals went normal. Water and nature tourism activities that become the main dish, is still interesting to visit. The disaster that struck the second of November 2003 that changed all of society lives in Bukit Lawang in particular and Bohorok in general. Bohorok, a small town located in Langkat and located around the Gunung Leuser National Park in North Sumatra, from visiting the area formerly known as nature tourism. One of the "point of interest," or objects of interest when we visited there was the life of orangutans. This location is dedicated to rehabilitating orangutans siataan, especially coming from Sumatra.
Visitors who come, either from abroad or local tourists, has different interest. Generally the tourists from abroad would prefer a trip to the woods to see the beauty of the natural wealth that is in Gunung Leuser National Park area is. Various primates can be seen, a bird with a melodious chirping sounds, and the kinds of beautiful insects.
In anticipation of visits and enhance the best services for tourists visiting the Bukit Lawang, some parties are trying to do various activities, among which are increasing the capacity of nature tour guides.
Visit Bukit Lawang
If you're visiting to Medan, North Sumatra, could took a visit to Bukit Lawang. The distance from Medan, about 96 kilometers northwest of Medan, with a public or private vehicles can be taken from 2 to 2.5 hours. During the journey will be seen palm oil plantations, as well as several rivers that become the source of life of local people.
Since used as the orangutan conservation area, especially for rehabilitation, this area is known as a tourist attraction of foreign tourists of natural tropical forests. The beauty of Bukit Lawang is inseparable from his position as part of the Gunung Leuser National Park (TNGL). As a national park area, conditions are maintained. The concept of ecotourism to be the main thing here.
When flash floods hit the area this tour, most of the surrounding nature is broken. Body river was swollen by some hundreds of years old trees that have fallen in the river banks hit by the flood, hundreds of casualties were killed, and houses were washed away. But now, almost 90 per cent of Bukit Lawang recovered.
Based on data from Region III Central Conservation Section of the Gunung Leuser National Park, since it opened back in June 2004 after the 2892 flash floods carrying tourists from Europe came to visit until December 31, 2005. Although the number is still far away from traffic before the flood, ie from May to October 2003, as many as 4900 people, but has already shown impact on the state of ecotourism Bukit Lawang.
Tourism is the main livelihood for 2179 people or 593 families resident of Bukit Lawang village, either as owner of the lodge, guides, souvenir sellers and so forth. Lodging already fully charged before the weekend. People from various places come to this village, including tourists from Europe who dominated the foreign visitors, such as Holland, Germany and Switzerland.
In addition to the streets to the woods to see the natural beauty and variety of wildlife there, visitors are also playing the stream. To be able to see where the orang-utan rehabilitation, visitors must walk about a half hour from the inn. Must pass at least two suspension bridges across the river as wide and about eight meters by using a small boat.

Krueng Raya

krueng_raya1.jpgKrueng Raya is 35 km from Banda Aceh is a region name. In this area there is a port named "Port Malahayati" is often used people of Banda Aceh to cross to the island of Weh (Sabang). Finally disabled the port after the port of Ulee Saving Energy Lamp enable a more stately built (but the same devastated by the Tsunami). Krueng Kingdom which includes the areas worst affected by the damage caused by the tsunami can be taken within 30 minutes from Banda Aceh.

In this area is also very famous with its beach named Ujong Batee, where in addition to its beautiful beaches there are also a quite magnificent restaurant that serves food that is typical of the famous Aceh Besar Crab, Shrimp, Oysters, Turtle Eggs, and various marine products and agricultural other. Ujong Batee own beach located about 17 km east of Banda Aceh. The beach is overgrown with dense pine trees is a protector of visitors when the hot days comfortable enough to relax. Ujong Batee in Aceh language means the Edge of the Rock, probably given this name because of the beaches that we can immediately see the other side of the island of Sabang

Besides Ujong Batee, in Krueng Raya there are also named Lamreh tourist area, this region is an area that previously barren hills, but now has been planted with a variety of trees. From here we can see the beautiful panorama of the sea as seen in the pictures are at this.

Natural Park Weh Island Marine

Natural Park Weh Island Sea is based on the Decree of the Minister of Agriculture No. 928/Kpts/Um/12/1982 dated December 27, 1982 an area of 2600 Ha.
TWA geographically located on Weh Island Sea 0552 'north latitude and 9552' east longitude. While in public administration including the District of Sukakarya, Sabang Municipality, Province IN Aceh and in terms of forest management including the Natural Resources Conservation Resort Iboih and entered the Natural Resources Conservation Sub Aceh Province.
At Sea Island  Weh, Sabang there are coral reefs, both hard corals and soft corals of all types, shapes and colors, all of which form a cluster of interesting reef to be enjoyed, among other areas of coral reefs with names lupas, rock deer, rock crackers.
In addition to coral reefs, sea  Weh Island, Sabang can find the kinds of reef fish such as Angel fish, fish Tropet, Dunsel fish, fish Sergeon, Grope fish, Parrot fish and others. These fish are around Weh Island Marine  and some are endemic in this region. In addition, many found the kinds of economic value such as tuna fish, Kakap, Grouper, Parrot, Banana-Pisangan and others.

Lampuuk Beach


Figure Lampuuk Beach after the tsunami.
Lampuuk Beach is located on the west coast of Aceh. From Banda Aceh approximately 17 km and can be reached by motor vehicle in less than 30 minutes. But unfortunately the beach is quite famous and a favorite tourist spot is the population of Aceh tsunami swept destroyed.
The beach is quite beautiful and can be used as a place to swim, sunbathe on white sand, fishing, sailing, diving and other recreational activities.
Disore days it feels more beautiful beach, where we can watch the sun set full of charm.
Around the coast of Lampuuk also stands grandly a Andalas cement factory, but by then the plant is only a memory after being devastated by the earthquake and tsunami last December 26, 2004.
Lampuuk Coast region, you can play golf with panoramic sea background in Padang Golf Seulawah. Unfortunately all of its beauty is now a distant memory and improve government menungguk live a fairly popular tourist foreign tourists.

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many people crave a wonderful tourist attractions to refresh the mind of all their routines. even many who are willing to spend money that is not a little just to enjoy the natural atmosphere that can make their mind becomes fresh again. This proves that people need to travel are very high, especially in developing countries and developed countries. but what happens is the lack of reference to places and sights can be visited, because so far they are just stuck in some places, for example in Indonesia, the tourists, both domestic and foreign tourists is only familiar with the island of Bali, or perhaps Bunaken beach, but whether they know that in fact is still much potential for a much more beautiful nature can they go? Here I will try to share information on places that is so beautiful, so worthy to be used as a tourist destination. which has so far not known by tourists, as they may not have conducted the campaign. me to mention places such as the hidden paradise.